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A little about me....

The Journey

myFam As I begin to receive more and more 'likes' to Once Upon A Craft Utah on Facebook from people that I am not already friends with there, I felt like it would be a good idea to put a face to the person that's so committed to driving this to success.  I am a real person, I do have interests and hobbies and a job outside of Once Upon A Craft.  And if you are really interested in where the idea for this came from, you can read my blog post about it linked here. Meet my beautiful family.  David and I have been married since October 2014.  We met while working together over 5 years ago but didn't begin dating until a year later when we were no longer working together.  He builds homes for a living and has always had a talent for the construction/carpentry industry.  He is both equal parts the person who balances me the best and the person who drives me crazy the most.  My grandmother told me that she knew he was the one if I was willing to move my closet full of shoes around to make space for his.  I love his drive and motivation and that we are able to put our heads down and work and get things done TOGETHER.  He is such a great partner for me in that he is willing to work as hard as I do toward a goal.  A prime example of this would be when we were working toward saving money to pay for our wedding we spent months and months of weekends/weeknights power washing concrete on new homes built in the Daybreak community of South Jordan, UT.  I even helped him build a pergola (he's a good teacher) over a patio in the backyard of some of our friends.  Even though he complained about the cost of our wedding (it wasn't very much compared to the average cost) and didn't understand why I wanted this or that-he worked hard right along side me and did whatever it took to make my wedding dreams come true.  2016-03-30 10_49_01-(4) Once Upon A Craft UtahHe is even currently in progress of building a dream craft room workshop (his idea) to hold Once Upon A Craft's workshops in.  I am so excited to reveal that makeover when it's completed!   The current schedule for those can be found by clicking here.  New projects will be available every month so be sure to "subscribe" to the events page so you are notified as soon as new workshop dates are posted.  The image to the left shows where to go for that. My daughter is a very intelligent, kind-hearted & creative little soul.  She loves to read, draw and write as well as play video games when she's allowed and listen to music.  She is learning to play the guitar.  She has been on competition dance teams and played soccer.  The dance teams were fun for a while but wearing tights and makeup was torture for her (and me).  IMG_1828Every competition was horribly stressful and full of tears for both of us over fake eyelashes, glitter eye shadow and itchy tights.  I finally had to give her the choice and let go of my dreams of seeing her become a dancer like her momma.  That's when we tried soccer and found that running for 45 minutes wasn't her cup of tea.  Guitar is going well as long as she can play the chords with her little hands.  She is very imaginative and always the kid that makes up games to play when there is nothing else left to do. She (like her mom) loves animals of all kinds.  For a long time it was just the two of us figuring things out.  She was my little buddy and sidekick.  Things were never perfect and hardly ever easy but I think both of us owe a lot of who we are today to that time together. I also have 2 furkids, Lola and Tiger Lily.  They are the sweetest little dogs.  Lola is the princess and is very dainty and diva-ish about everything.  Tiger Lily is the bull in a IMG_2251china shop and doesn't realize she is as big as she is sometimes.  They are so spoiled but make our family complete!  I can't imagine our lives without them doing silly things to make us laugh and letting us love them.  Don't worry, they will be out of the way while you are here making your projects.  If you want to love on them before or after the class though-they will be happy to oblige.  See how snuggly they are?  :) A little about me, during the weekday I am a Software Integration Engineer.  If you're like most people you're thinking my passion for creating & crafting don't exactly mesh with that career.  Don't worry-I too wonder how an opportunity to gain this technical knowledge found me!  I didn't always intend to follow a career path that would lead me to such a technical role.  When I attended college I always planned to have a degree in Account and HR Management or Business Management and would continue to work in the Payroll and Benefits Industry.  As it would turn out though, I would find I have a knack for reading and understanding things and working through things that would have most people running for the hills.  Like the HTML of this post.  And so the path of Benefits Representative quickly turned to Configuration Analyst at my previous company and here I am today.  The company I work for now is an incredible place to be.  And my pursuit in working for myself one day in no way reflects complete dissatisfaction with my job.  It's simply that creating and beautifying something tangible gives me so much pride and helping someone else find that creativity and pride within themselves makes me so happy! Outside of crafting, refinishing and collecting a.k.a. hoarding "old haunted things" as my husband so lovingly calls them, I enjoy playing the piano and recently began piano lessons again.  After 20+ years of having not taken lessons, I finally had the space to have my own piano.  So I bought one-a really old one, of course and had her repaired and spruced up to playable condition.  In 2 weeks I will perform in a recital with a lot of students my daughters age and one other "adult" student according to my instructor.  She gave me a choice of playing in it or not and I chose to play in it.  I haven't performed in as long as I hadn't taken lessons and felt like it was a good excuse to get to. [gallery ids="290,289,288,287,286" type="square" link="none"] I also run....I should probably say that I'm currently in remission from running since I haven't been for a run in several months. But I'm one of the crazies who has finished a couple of marathons, a lot of half marathons, a lot of Ragnar's, and even a Spartan Beast.  Are you out of breath reading that??  I'm a little out of breath typing it.<----see, tell-tale sign I'm in remission from running.  I hope to get the running bug again soon but for now, I'm okay with taking a well deserved break.  Running brought me to be part of the Huntsman Hometown Heroes.  If you don't know who that is, it's a group that raises money for cancer research while training together and participating in races together.  If you ever think you want to run a marathon for the first time I would highly suggest getting signed up with this group.  It is so motivating and inspiring to be around people that are so dedicated to a cause that is close to their hearts and will become close to yours too.  Coach Elfi also puts together an awesome training plan that will have you so prepared come race day you will have no reason to worry. Hosting a monthly craft Sunday with my bestest girls that live close for the past year is what inspired Once Upon A Craft to be born.  I love this time we have once a month to laugh, talk and catch up while we work and create things together.  I hope to share and spread the "good for your soul" feeling to the rest of you and hope that is what you find when you come here.  A sanctuary to be creative without judgement-maybe a little laughing at yourself while we laugh with you-but knowing that we are all on the same page. So there you go.  The lady behind the logo.  As I've said so many times before and I will continue to say-I can't wait to craft with you! ~R            

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    Thank you Jolene!

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    Rami I love this! You didn’t mention that you are also a beautiful writer, A great friend and just an amazing person! Good luck with your dreams I know you will succeed!

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