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The Journey

I have been so busy. From finishing up long time coming furniture projects to buying a website domain and designing it, I have been so busy!  I started this blog with the hopes of sharing my journey of owning my own business!  And that day is finally here!  I learned that in order to run a home-based business in which you could have "clients, visitors, customers" come to your home that you had to apply and receive approval for a conditional use permit through the planning & zoning committee of my city. Upon approval of such permit, I was granted permission to submit the application for a business license. And upon submitting the application for a business license, I had to complete a fire safety inspection. This is just to be able to run the business from your home!  Wow!  I had no idea all of the leg work involved in running a "legit" home base business where clients would be visiting my home.  While waiting for the process of paperwork to be completed I have been researching and buying a domain name for my business and figuring out the best way to accomplish all that I need it to. I finally have a clear path in front of me and found something that will work!  So website polishing is underway and hoping to have that along with a class schedule launched this week!   Though I added my official logo to this blog a while ago I feel this is a good post to present it. This logo came to life exactly in the way I had pictured it in my head.  I wanted it to embody grace and elegance but also to have strong and bold characters and inspire you to be creative. In my heart I feel I was able to capture all of that. So without further ado I present the Once Upon A Craft official logo:   

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