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For The Love of Chaos

The Journey

    I'm the kind of person who feels most at peace when my home is in order (mostly neat & not cluttered), my mind is made up and focused, and I feel forward progress toward a goal.  I almost always never have all 3 of these things at once.  If the last 2 are on track, the first is most likely at less than satisfactory to my standards.  If you're like me, you apologize for the "mess" anytime someone comes over having no idea if their idea of a mess is the same as what you would consider a mess.  You can bet that as I have been working my day job and working hard at promoting and getting Once Upon A Craft in order & my craft workshop room makeover done in time for the next workshop-my house is in some sort of disarray right now.    This has been really good for me.  I have been forced to make decisions about what I actually need & what I can actually devote time to as far as refinish projects & craft supplies that will have a space in the new workshop.  I've become resourceful and creative in ways I would not have thought about before.  I've had to allow people to help me even though my inner OCD demon did not want them to.      Here is what happened: The more I have let go of things that are not contributing to the end goal, the more I rely on the help of others to get me there, the more I have discovered peace in my heart inspite of the utter chaos I feel like I'm in.  The ideas are flowing, the goals are being set, the organizing, planning & executing are happening (even if I momentarily forget some things).  There is forward movement everyday even if very small.  My support crew are and have been absolutely wonderful to me.  I share this in hopes that someone else like me out there struggling up-stream & occasionally trying to do so alone might reach out to people they can trust and find the calm in the chaos.  Great things are coming!   ~R

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