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I'm just not crafty....

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If I had a penny for all the times I've heard this phrase!  I know I'm not alone. For anyone who has gone out on a limb and created a "craft" item-I know you feel me.  Every time I hear it I respond with "I didn't think I necessarily was either".  But guess what??  I'm here at the end of day 2 starting my own crafting business.  Welcome to Once Upon A Craft!  We've all been there^^^   First of all, I have to say THANK YOU.  Because if you are here reading this it's because you already know me & supporting this journey I'm about to embark on.  Or, you've somehow heard about me and decided to see what I'm about.  Again, THANK YOU! About 8 months ago, I had an idea to host a monthly craft day with my bestest.  Having long fallen out of a Bunco group that didn't have time to meet anymore, I craved a way to spend time with women I love & have good conversations doing something fun. Although I knew not everyone felt "crafty" enough to be in the group, they all got excited about the idea and accepted the Facebook event invite to the first one.  We made 2 styles of patriotic wreaths that I found on Pinterest no less, spray painted mason jars & wine bottles and had a blast!    Felt and clothespin wreaths.      Spray painted mason jars with foam star stickers  I have held to organizing and planning a monthly craft day since & realized how much I love teaching and helping the "craft challenged" discover the joy in creating something their own!  I hope that you will find my posts to be helpful, informative and be inspired to create awesome crafts.     ~Rami

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