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This image really hits home with me this past week and a half since I took the plunge and registered my business. The first few days were a whirlwind of excitement thinking, "wow, I'm really going to do this and I CAN do this!"  I got excited about the growing number of views to my Etsy shop & followers to my business Instagram @onceuponacraftutah and followed a ton of DIYers, crafters and vintage lovers who I look up to and inspire me. I wrote down a timeline for big tool purchases. I made a supply purchase for more shop items.  I started the ball rolling on logo design & visited the city office to gather together requirements needed to obtain a business license. I created a Facebook page which will be published once the logo is ready. I created an email address and calendar to share to have a posted schedule of upcoming events and classes I plan to offer.  A lot has been done to move in the right direction of a promising business launch! Then, suddenly the corporate America universe decided to conspire against all of my momentum and all of my time, energy & emotion became occupied with my "real-life" job. It has been really tough to not feel defeated so early on but at the same time each day proves how committed and ready I am to have this journey!  Joking & serious conversations have been had with my husband about stopping to pick up an application at area craft stores so I can quit the job that isn't my dream & supplement the income for this business while I get it going! I have wanted to share more thoughts and even some home improvement and furniture refinishing projects I have worked on. But it's been a tough few days to sort out my thoughts and make decisions on my next moves. I know now more than ever that this is the right time and this is going to work out. It is in the most difficult times that we must power through in reaching our goals and I'm really focusing on that! ~Rami

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