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Paper Rosette Flower Video Tutorial


My first video tutorial! How to make a paper flower rosette! After reading a blog tutorial I found on Pinterest and practicing making my own of these to use as embellishments in my craft workshops, I decided to make a video blog! A couple points I didn't really explain in the video, you can use any type of paper but if your using modern day newspaper, magazine pages, catalog pages, stack at least 4-6 pages thick. Scrapbook paper, book pages, music sheet paper stack 2-3 pages thick and for card stock, 1 sheet is plenty! I use these a lot for burlap wreaths you can make a ton and glue to a foam ball or a foam wreath form for a full wreath or topiary of them! I will be making an effort to post more video tutorials in the future so please subscribe to my YouTube channel!  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments! Happy crafting! ~R  

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